CricHQ & TCS

Quickscore SMART Scoreboards are integrated with CricHQ and Total Cricket Scorer applications

Quickscore SMART Scoreboards have been developed with built-in intelligence to identify various events during match-play. Whether it's the start of match, an over an in progress, 4, 6 or a wicket or another match event, the scoreboard automatically displays the associated match event information on the scoreboard. Not only does this ensure players and umpires have easy access to in-depth match data, helping them make informed decisions, it also gives spectators an easy way to stay up-to-date during match-play.

Quickscore Digital Advertising Platform is easily customised to your club or school and its sponsors or advertisers. Whether you have one or many sponsors or advertisers, we offer you a real tangible and realistic way of earning extra money for your club or school, ensuring a highly engaging way to promote their business to their audience.

Types of Ads sponsors or advertisers can choose from

  • Highlight Ads (4s, 6s, Wickets, Maiden Overs, 50s, 100s, Team 50s etc)
  • Banner Ads (at the bottom of various screens)
  • Premium Ads (full screen videos, animated or static images)

List of match stats displayed on our scoreboard

  • Total, Wickets, Overs, Target runs, Runs to win, Overs/Balls remaining, Trail by, Lead by
  • RR, REQ RR, Partnership, Projected score, Extras, FOW
  • Batsmen Stats: Ball faced, Runs, SR, Dot balls, No of 4's & 6's, How out etc
  • Bowler Stats: Overs bowled, Maidens, Wickets taken, Runs, Economy rate, Wide balls, No balls, Extras
  • Duckworth–Lewis (D/L): Adjusted target, Par score
  • Match Summary: Top 4 batsmen & bowler stats
  • Batsmen & Bowler Scorecard