Eastcote Cricket Club

Doug Maxted

An electronic scoreboard had been on the "wish list" at Eastcote Cricket Club for too many years but it was the age old problem as with so many clubs, where we would find the additional funds for such a capital expenditure project? Not only does the Quickscore Smart Scoreboard fully embrace modern technology it gives our club the added bonus of additional revenue avenues such as the advertising platforms, movie nights, live video streams, etc

The information output that the scoreboard surpasses that of other electronic scoreboards, the players and officials think it's fantastic and apart from a few traditionalists so do the spectators! Since the scoreboard was installed the feedback overall has been so positive that we already in discussions with Abdul and David about upgrades for next year.

West Region Academy Coach

Josh Knappett, Middlesex County Cricket Club

We were incredibly lucky to use the Quickscore scoreboards for 2 weeks in our u12-u14 regional festivals and for an u19 2 day game versus Lancashire. This new product gave us excellent real time information that players, parents and coaches used live in the game. The players used the full read of stats tactically during the game. It aided captains to know who had bowled how many overs and what someone's figures were, it allowed batters to know their strike rates, as well as constantly refreshing it also flashed up our Middlesex logo so the boys felt more engaged in our Middlesex elite player pathway. It was easy to use, move and position for each game, and with its excellent display, we were able to easily view the board from all round the large grounds at Merchant Taylors School.

This is a high end product with bundles of usability that can help the development of players in game as well as being easier to read, with better graphics and logo capabilities, which also enhances the viewers' experience of the game through full visibility and statistical read out. We really look forward to using their products again in the future.

Stowe School

James Knott, Head of Cricket

We needed to replace our old scoreboard which was out of date and starting to fail on a regular basis. We wanted a modern scoreboard that could display a variety of information to score cricket and rugby matches and that was big and clear. Quickscore provided the perfect solution and more. As well as scoring the matches the scoreboard can display a variety of stats and information for each sport including try scorers and wagon wheels and is easily controlled through an iPad. For the cricket in the summer we intend to use the board for video feedback/analysis to our players and we will also be able to play previous match highlights pre-match. I know housemasters are also looking forward using it as an outdoor cinema to entertain the pupils on a summers evening.

King's College School - Wimbledon

James Gibson, Deputy Director of Sport

Our Qucikscore scoreboard was primarily bought as a replacement cricket scoreboard. However, it has proved to not only serve this purpose, but so much more! The cricket scoreboard is outstanding, offering key in-play stats, online scoring features, graphics for milestones and boundaries and exciting the players and parents alike. The screen has also been used for numerous other reasons through the school. The new rugby scoreboard software has been incredible for rugby matches too. The Media function (QS Media App) is already being used on a regular basis for teaching as an outdoor tv screen, providing a unique teaching/coaching aid and the QS leader board App was used for of sports days. The outdoor cinema has also been used for open days and the sponsor page is to be used for fundraising for major tours and whole school events. The screen has created a real buzz each and every time it has been used and the boys, parents and staff have absolutely loved using it. It is simple to use but is creating an huge impact throughout the department and school community! David and Abdul have provided an A* customer service since the purchase; always being on the end of a phone, happy to come in and show things in person if required and regularly ‘checking in’ to see if we were OK. It has been a pleasure to work with them on this project.

*Apps will be launched in 2017