About Us

Quickscore is a technology company founded in 2013. Quickscore began its journey as a scoreboard company that specialises in digital Scoreboards but has since expanded to sell a wide array of LED screens, scoreboards and perimeter advertising screens.

Being experts in LED technology, we provide our customers with the most recent LED hardware, as well as the most inventive and bespoke software available on the market, with tailored displays and bespoke software for a wide range of applications. Our in-house software development team is always working on new features and functions. You can be confident that you are not purchasing an off-the-shelf solution, but rather one that is personalised to your specific needs and is ever/always developing.

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At quickscore, customer experience is utmost important to us and takes no.1 priority. We take pride in our customer services and customer relations. Each customer has a personal, continuing, and long-term relationship with us. This enables us to provide the best overall customer support whilst providing an individual and personalised customer service experience. Professional customer support team is readily available to help you with any issues, support or enquiries.  Whether it’s updating your adverts or images, developing new apps, or adding new features and functionalities, we always do our best and go the extra mile for our customers.

We provide an extensive library of tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel:




We supply products globally and have reputable distribution partners in New Zealand, USA, Malaysia and Singapore. If you are interested in becoming a distributor then please contact us at: info@quickscore.co.uk

We also offer some of the best sporting equipment available in the market for a variety of different sports, we can supply goal posts, athletics equipment and more!