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QS Athletics


QS Athletics Apps is a complete athletics app, perfect for track & field during sports day, coaching and professional atheletics competitions . Customisable leaderboards, medals table and stop-watch timer availible. 



The QS Athletics app is only compatible to work with Quickscore SMART Scoreboards. This version allows users to customise medal tables or point’s tables, with Countdown Clock and Timers available. Local time and weather can also be displayed.

The QS Athletics App allows users to easily input and display individual results on the scoreboard, with customisable easy-to-use points and medal table display. Whether it’s a school sports day, athletics competition or other sports event, this great feature allows all competitors and viewers to stay up-to-date on the day’s proceedings. The Athletics App also includes a countdown timer and clock feature (with local time & weather conditions) which is perfect for informative information display during breaks and between events.



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