Information Screens (Educational)

Quickscore offers schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions a variety of premium, high quality LED screens and signage systems. Our philosophy is simple; we offer you the latest in LED technology at competitive prices and above all, we believe signs should be adaptable to your needs and requirements. We continuously work on software development, so if there is anything you want us to further develop: whether it’s a new feature, functionality or integrating with other software, then we will do our best to implement this. 


Covid Intormation


Information for Pupils and Parents 


Announce Upcoming Events


  • Able to display a wide variety of messages on a single screen 
  • Update any number of screens from a single computer
  • Inform parents and pupils about upcoming events
  • Displays School Sport Fixtures & Results (SOCS Integrated)
  • Brightness Control 
  • Ongoing Progressive Development
  • Outstanding Customer Support


All our displays have a built-in QS Control System, allowing users to easily change content. Screens can be updated by either of the following means:

  • Self-managed - Update your screens by copying your images or video files to a USB dongle and plug directly into the QS Controller System.
  • Remote-managed - Send Quickscore your files for Cloud-based updates. Our screens are also compatible to most CSM Software.



High Resolution Screen

Ambient Light Sensors

Low Power Consumption

Two Layer Security

Remote Management