Swimming Pool Scoreboards

Wylas Timing provides swimming clubs and aquatic programs with fully wireless swimming pool timing systems. The timing software collects, records, and displays timing information for swimming meets, galas and competitions. However, what sets us apart from other solutions is how we adopt wireless technology and proprietary software to communicate with all the timing hardware on the pool deck, reducing set up times and automating the timing process.

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Swimming Pool Screens


Touchpads and all Swimming Timing Related Equipment



Wireless Swimming Touchpad Integration
No conduits or pool deck cables required. Quickscore manufactures and sells it's own line of swimming pool touchpads which can be integrate with your existing touchpads using Quickscore's Beamatouch (wireless touchpad adapter). Brands we integrate with include: Colorado Time Systems, OMEGA & MASCHA.

Multi-lane Swimming Scoreboards
Plug and play, multi-lane swimming scoreboard solution at a fraction of the cost compared with Daktronics and Colorado. Fully customisable solution that suits all pool configurations.The technology has been developed to allow for a multitude of hardware and scoreboard choice, with advanced user interface capabilities. Wylas Timing provides two scoreboard adapter options to suit the delivery of your swimming scoreboard. Both swimming scoreboard adapters communicate over the wifi network and project race results instantly.

Simple & Free Swim Meet Manager Integration
Wylas Timing software includes free integration with all swim meet managers including Hytek Meet Manager and Splash Meet Manager. Our integration provides seamless data automation and accuracy eliminating transcription errors and increasing the speed of your meets. Wylas Timing and Hytek Meet Manager can be run concurrently on the same or separate laptops to upload results to meet mobile instantly.

Fully Wireless Timing System
No pool deck cables or internet required. Swimming start system, timing watches, scoreboard and touchpads all connect to the system wirelessly reducing setup times and hardware required.

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Starting System

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Wireless Stop Watches




Wylas Timing corresponds with FINA, US and Australia timing regulations allowing for splits, multiple timekeepers per lane and touchpad integration, providing an accuracy of around 2 milliseconds.

Learn more: https://wylas-timing.com​