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QS Basketball


QS Basketball Apps is a complete basketball app, avalible for both indoor and outdoor scoreboards, making it perfect for inner and inter basketball competitions of all scale. Complete teams, player profiles and league management system where team standings, logos, player information & images are all customisable.

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The QS Basketball App and Management Platform gives schools and Basketball clubs of all sizes a full, end-to-end solution when scoring Basketball matches with the Quickscore SMART Scoreboards. It is an ideal tool for coaches, team managers, parents and baseball enthusiasts. 2-points, 3- points, assists, timeouts, fouls, steals, blocks, rebounds and team substitutions can be tracked and updated in real-time. This App is perfect for professional tournaments, personal use and school use.

The app provides an easy-to-use scoring platform with a full management system where player profiles, teams and league details can be managed.





  • Team Line Ups
  • Manual match details and time settings
  • Shot clocks, 2 point and 3 point shots, fouls and technical fouls
  • Custom scoreboard skins and screens displayed can be changed at the click of a button
  • Substitution screens (with player photos and jersey numbers) 


  • Detailed Club details
  • Detailed Team details (including names and logos)
  • Detailed Player profiles (including names and images)
  • Pre-populated season fixtures
  • Club, Team and Player information can be managed by either the Quickscore Team or the individual user